Serendipity Catering Weddings

At Serendipity, we are committed to making the event planning process as simple as possible for our clients. We are always at the ready to develop a menu, pick a venue or offer advice. We cater all types of events throughout the Finger Lakes Region. Please contact our sales team for more information or to book with us.

Our event services include initial planning, site reviews and event layouts. We can coordinate rentals and outside vendors to ensure that your event runs smoothly. Serendipity can provide you with many in-house services including floral design, custom linens, and graphic design.

We have a detailed knowledge of the area’s best venues and are always happy to make suggestions if you are still seeking the perfect space for your event. We have many favorite locations throughout¬†Ithaca, Cornell and the Finger Lakes and we can assist you with the details such as rentals, permits, timing, logistics and decor based on our experience and knowledge of the venue.

Contact us today to plan a Serendipity Catering Event!